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Why is Ukraine Famous for MBBS?

Why is Ukraine Famous for MBBS?

Ukraine is one the most preferred international destinations for Indian students studying MBBS. It enhances medical education on par with the global standards. Several world-class government medical universities in this country offer MBBS and MD at a very affordable cost. The students who complete MBBS in Ukraine are also eligible to apply for jobs worldwide. WHO and MCI also recognize the universities here. The medium of instruction is English. Ukraine is amongst the most reliable destinations for studying MBBS, as securing a seat for MBBS is easy and hassle-free. The tuition fees at the university can be paid in two installments, and there are no hidden charges. The quality of education in Ukraine is very high, and the medical degrees from recognized medical universities are recognized everywhere in the entire world and rank globally.

Ukraine is among the destinations on a hit list for MBBS. All the medical universities in Ukraine are established and have a good reputation in research activities and teaching. They are constantly among the top universities in governmental and private research. After studying and passing the tests of practical training, the specialists get a doctor of medicine degree (MD), which is accepted worldwide.

One of the advantages of this educational system is the possibility to continue studying and enter the job market in all the other European countries. One can expect a similar level of education in Ukraine compared to most European countries. 

Ukraine offers some fantastic facilities and opportunities to the students. It also provides world-class infrastructure and practical knowledge. The student-teacher ratio in this country is meagre, and the students learn properly and clear their doubts much more efficiently. The classrooms are well ventilated and practical oriented. This intensifies the interests of the students in that particular subject. The student should attend and pass a screen test after the successful completion of graduation. It will make them eligible for MCI registration. Ukraine medical universities are the best choice for any student interested in studying medicine. MBBS is known to boom one’s career and future. Ukraine is a country that has a systematized education system to offer the best to the students.

If you are yearning to get into a university in Ukraine, you need to put in tremendous effort, cost and time to prepare for the medical entrance exams. The significant advantage of studying medicine in Ukraine is that you need not clear any entrance test. 

Following are some of the major advantages of studying MBBS from Ukraine-

  • The Medical Council of India recognizes the medical degree from the medical colleges of Ukraine.
  • All the medical colleges in Ukraine are known worldwide because of their high-quality education. For all international students, especially Indian, MBBS in Ukraine is the best option.
  • All the colleges in Ukraine are listed under WHO, IMED and ECFMG medical education directories.
  • The university fees in Ukraine are deficient compared to the prices in other countries. There are no donations and no hidden costs. Hence, MBBS is very reasonable in Ukraine.
  • MBBS in Ukraine follows the US education system, which is recognized everywhere and creates numerous opportunities to make a career in English-speaking countries.
  • The mode of communication is in English, so there is no need to learn the native language to study MBBS in Ukraine.
  • Ukraine and India coincidentally have the same climate, so adjusting there is straightforward.
  • The living cost in Ukraine is very low as compared to a majority of other countries and there is a small difference in the Indian as well as the Ukrainian currency which makes it affordable for the Indian students.
  • One does not require to give donation or hidden fee in the universities in Ukraine.
  • The quality of education is far better than what one expects and the experienced professors and the doctors create a world-class educational environment to help you in completing your study in a smart way. 
  • One will get an annual fee payment option of paying entry feed at once. One can also pay the tuition fee semester wise and the hostel fee can be paid annually. The mess charges are paid monthly. The fee for MBBS is paid directly to the University and not to any agent or consultancy in India. 
  • There are hostels available within the university with all the basic facilities.
  • There is also a kitchen unit where the students can cook.
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