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How Much Does MBBS In Russia Cost?

How Much Does MBBS In Russia Cost? [Updated]

Russia is one of the best options for pursuing MBBS abroad as it is becoming one of the most popular destinations among all Indian students. It provides high-quality education at an affordable cost. It is the 8th top study destination in the world where all the students around the globe come to study MBBS. The total number of positions occupied by the Russian Medical Universities in the World rankings of medical universities is 30. 

All the Russian medical universities have an excellent infrastructure, high-quality medical education and exceptional faculty. The most popular medical course among all the international applicants is the MBBS course. WHO recognizes these universities and NMC India, and the students passing MBBS in Russia are also eligible for the MCI screening test in India.

Cost of studying MBBS in Russia

The MBBS tuition fee in Russia is not as high as in India. The cost of renting a room in the university hostels is also relatively low. The living costs in Russia remain the same as in India, as the economic value of the Russian ruble is the same as the Indian rupee. Many MBBS aspirants choose Russia as their destination because the cost of studying MBBS at a Russian medical university is within a typical student’s budget. The Russian Government subsidizes MBBS fees in their country, making it affordable for Indian students to study MBBS in Russia. The average MBBS fee in Russia is 2,80,000 to 3,50,000 Indian rupees annually. It is the lowest fee for the MBBS study abroad. The fee may vary from one university to another. Low costs and affordable living costs attract more and more Indian students. The fee for each year is 3,71,000 Indian rupees, and the MBBS course is for six years, making it 17,82,000 Indian rupees. It differs from university to university and could also go till 20 lakhs for six years.

Why does MBBS cost in Russia low?

The students can study MBBS at a meagre cost in Russia. The cost of living in Russia is also reasonable Following are the reasons for pursuing MBBS in Russia at a low fee-

  • There is no requirement at all to pay any kind of donation or capitation fee for admission to Russia to study medicine.
  • The Russian Education Ministry subsidizes the tuition fees for MBBS in the universities. This automatically makes it reasonable to pursue MBBS in Russia for the Indian students.
  • Most colleges/universities are approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and MCI. The degree has worldwide recognition.
  • All the Russian universities have advanced laboratories, top-class infrastructure and well-developed medical faculty.
  • The admission process in Russian universities is straightforward and convenient.
  • The MBBS graduates from this country can also practice medicine in India after qualifying for the MCI screening test.
  • The hostels of all the state universities in Russia are well preserved, and the rooms are well furnished and equipped with all the main facilities.
  • There are various rooms available, and the students can live in two or three-bedroom depending on their feasibility. The students provide all necessary furnishing, such as carpets, chairs, bed sheets and blankets.
  • The hostels have a separate kitchen unit where the students can prepare their food.
  • The hostels also have washrooms for the students, and there is a consultant team available who will be there 24*7 for assisting the students.
  • Living in the hostels can help the students interact with other international students and they can improve their social skills. 
  • No extra fees are being taken from the students, and the hostel also provides students with an internet facility.
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