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Green Life Medical College

About University

This college was established in 2009, and since then, it is serving best in the field of MBBS till the present date. Every year 110-120 students enroll in the MBBS program for foreign study. The college is affiliated with the University of Dhaka and ranks in the top 5 medical colleges of Asia. The infrastructure is good, and the college has all the top equipment required with hi-tech technology.

The course duration is five years for MBBS, and the academic year starts every year in January. The standard and quality are never compromised, and the students will study in English mode throughout the course session.

Students from India are eligible to sit for the screening test after applying for NOC from the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Why choose Green life Medical College for MBBS?

There are thousands of reasons when it comes to selecting the best for MBBS in Bangladesh. Some of the best are listed below:

  1. The fess cost is low.
  2. The teacher is well-trained and cooperative.
  3. There are the latest machines for use by the teachers and students.
  4. Zero involvement of donation.
  5. The college has an advanced structure.
  6. The hostel amenities of the college are the best in Bangladesh.

Features of the Green life Medical College:

Some of the best features of Green life Medical college are:

  1. The college has advanced tools and equipment for the training of students.
  2. The college is situated in the city of Dhaka.
  3. The college has the best and the biggest library with many journals and medical books for students.
  4. The cafeteria is clean and serves the quality and hygienic food for the students as well as teachers.
  5. The medical facility is the best and mainly focuses on the improvement daily.


When it comes to MBBS and MD, the green life medical college ranked in top university for study, and most students from India prefer this college based on the teaching of the college, mostly in the field of MBBS.

About the duration of MBBS in Green life:

  1. The college is compiled of 5 years MBBS program in which the last six months is the training in the external field.
  2. On-hand experiences are provided to the students across different projects.
  3. The time of the internship program is one year.
  4. The internship is provided in the best hospital in Bangladesh, and they are taught with the best medical facilities on the top hi-tech equipment in their internship.

Documents Required during Admission Procedure:

There is a documentation process involved in admission to Green life Medical college.

Required documents during the admission procedure are:

  1. Ten passport size photos of the student.
  2. Scanned mark sheet of 10th and 12th.
  3. Certificate of behavior by the school after 12th.
  4. Migration certificate
  5. Photocopy of passport.
  6. Passing certificate from the school.

Some Important FAQs generally, students and parents have:

Why only to take admission in Modern Medical college?

The college has served the best in the field of MBBS and MD since 2009.

How is the hostel facility at the college?

The hostel facility is best as the college believes that the students do not get unwell, so regular cleanliness is done.

Is there a separate hostel for Indian students?

No, there is no separate hostel for Indian boys students to interact with other students, but for boys and girls, yes, there is a separate hostel for girls but not for Indian girls as they are also allowed to live with other girls who come in college.

What is food, and how healthy is the food?

There are different cuisines for Indians as they can live hassle-free because they will be provided with hygienic and healthy Indian food.

What if I fail in screening at Green life Medical College?

There are ways like the next attempt, which will allow you to be part of the college.

How can I survive with bad English?

English is not so highly tricky here as it will be easy for students to understand what the teachers are teaching. Regarding poor English, many English classes are going daily to improve the English of students who are weak in it can learn by attending here in Dhaka.

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