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Success Ratio of Visa in Russia for the Indian Students

Due to India’s under-developed infrastructure and high educational charges, the craze for studying in foreign countries has significantly increased with the country. In today’s time, more and more students are migrating to foreign lands to pursue their careers under an affordable fee structure. The premium education system and world-class infrastructure attract many Indians to travel overseas.

In recent times, Russia has turned out to be one of the top-notch destinations for pursuing tons of academic courses, specifically medicine and other fields of technology. The medical universities of Russia have occupied a respectable position in the list of top 30 universities in the world. Most of the Russian universities are supervised and managed by the Russian government. The government provides all types of financial aids to international students, including scholarship programs, subsidized fees structure, loan facilities, and many more. All these sums up to help the students boost their career by getting a quality education at an affordable cost. Presently, Russia hosts more than 57 reputed medical universities, with hundreds of Indians studying pursuing different courses. Russia features a fascinating student-to-teacher ratio, i.e., 7:1. The availability of top-graded faculties helps the students to get better knowledge and flourish in their careers.

Due to all these aspects, the students prefer to study in foreign countries like Russia. However, the students often wonder about getting a hands-on visa to travel to Russia. Well, no worries, as the success ratio of student visa applications to Russia is nearly 100%. If the students have all the required documents and pass other eligibility criteria, they can easily apply for a Russian visa. In this article, we will point out all the details about how the students can conveniently get the Russian student visa and the other details.

Why Study in Russia?

An efficient education system complemented by the Russian government’s efforts to cut off the cost makes Russia a hub of opportunities for Indian students. The low fee structure and world-class facilities present a golden opportunity for Indian aspirants to study in Russia. Here are some advantages of MBBS in Russia

High Acceptance Rate: Most Indian universities bring limited seats for admission. Therefore, it’s a good deal for the students to travel to Russia to pursue their careers. The Russian colleges have an acceptance rate of around 98%. Therefore, Indian students can easily get into their favorite colleges to tailor a successful future.

A world-class education: Russia is one of the most renowned countries for its premium education facilities. The universities collaborate with tons of companies to present them placements and internship opportunities. Prominent organizations or medical bodies globally recognize all the Russian universities.

Availability of Financial Aids: The Russian government is dedicated to present the students with world-class educational facilities, maintaining cost-effectivity. To lift up the financial burden from the shoulders of the students, the government presents exclusive scholarship programs, loan facilities, and many more.

TOEFL/IELTS Not Required:  Most of the Russian Universities do not ask Indian students to undertake English proficiency tests, which present an upper hand to the students to get admission to the top universities easily.

Low Tuition Fees: Most Indian universities charge high tuition fees in exchange for quality education. This turns out to be a significant barrier against the students. The Russian Colleges charge minimal tuition fees or admission fees.

No Hidden Charges or Donation: Russian universities save the Indian students from the heavy donation and other processing charges. The students can get admission to top universities as per their qualifications and eligibility.

About Russian Student Visa

Most of the international aspirants coming from countries like Belarus, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, Ukraine, and many more, do not require a visa to migrate to Russia. To all the applicants of these countries, Russia avails a visa-free arrangement facility. However, Indian students should mandatorily have a student visa to step into the Russian world to pursue a fruitful career. Initially, the Russian student visa is issued for a span of 90 days. However, the students can renew their visas every year.

Although the Russian Visa application process roughly takes around ten days to process, the Indian students are suggested to submit their application at least 45 days before their planned arrival date.

Steps to Apply for the Russian Student’s Visa

Most of the new students are often confused about the correct method to apply for a Russian visa. Here we present a detailed step-by-step to increase the rate of application success –

Complete all the admission process: The student must complete all the admission processes in their chosen university and pay the enrollment fees and other charges.

Get the Travel Invitation: After the students complete the admission process, the university gets in touch with the authority, i.e., the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation. The Ministry then verifies all the details and issues a travel invitation document, popular as the visa support document.

Fill up the online visa application form: The students must reach out to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website and fill-up the e-visa application form, providing the required details and documents.

Save and print the online application form: The students must verify all the details, specifically the personal details, and save the changes accordingly to elevate the success ratio of getting the Russian visa.

Produce all the required support documents: The applicants must submit all the required documents along with the visa application. So, it is advised to quickly pile up all the documents before filling up the form.

Submit the printout of the application form and other documents in person:  The applicants must reach out to the nearest Visa processing center or Russian Consulate to present the hard copies of the complete visa application form and other documents.

Make the required payments: Now, the applicant must pay the visa fees before the application is processed further. The visa charge varies according to the aspirant’s nationality.

Wait for approval: After the students pay the visa fees, their work is done. Now they must wait for the decisions from the authorities. Usually, the decision is passed to the aspirants within 10-day time. However, the diplomatic cases may take up to 30 days for confirmation. The students can also opt for quick services under certain conditions by paying additional charges.

Migrate to Russia and grab the immigration card: After the visa request is approved, the students can start their journey to Russia, as per the university’s dates and time. The students must mandatorily own a passport with a validity of at least six months. At the country border, the students receive the immigration card that presents them with authority to enter the Russian borders. The authority keeps a portion of the card, and the other part is supplied to the travelers.

Registration for Russian Visa: After receiving the immigration card, the students must complete their visa registration process within seven days of reporting to Russia. Usually, the students can pass on this responsibility to the accommodation provider. However, the students need to supply a valid copy of their visa, immigration card, and passport.

Documents Required to Apply for Russian Student Visa

The applicants must produce all the valid documents to the authorities to get their visa application approved. Here are the documents that the students must submit during the filling of the visa application

  • The travel invitation or the visa support document issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation.
  • Printed document of the completed visa application form.
  • A valid passport with a minimum of six months validity.
  • Passport-sized photos with white background.
  • Valid documents highlighting the financial efficiency of the students.
  • Details about their accommodation.
  • Health Insurance document.
  • AIDS and HIV negative certificate that has been issued at least three months of visa application.

Students Visa Fees for Russia

The standard processing fees of a Russian visa are around Rs. 2130. On the other hand, the expedited processing fee is around Rs. 4260 for the Indian students.

What if the authorities reject the Russian student visa application?

Whenever the Russian authorities reject the visa application, usually valid reasons for the denial are provided. The reason mainly includes incomplete or invalid documentation or the in-accurate filling of the application form. Following the visa application process, the students can easily get their Russian visas. However, in case of any rejections, the students can submit the required documents and complete their application process. But the students need to re-pay their visa processing fees.


All Indian students require a visa to travel to Russia and pursue their careers in several fields. With the comfortable visa approval facilities and convenient application procedure, any Indian student can conveniently apply for a Russian visa. The Russian government makes several efforts to help the Indian aspirants quickly get visas to enter the Russian borders. In today’s time, Russia, with its high-quality education, well-equipped infrastructure, high visa approval rates, has turned out to be one of the dream locations for Indian students to tailor a bright future.

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