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How to Study MBBS in Russia

How to Study MBBS in Russia?

Russia is one of the most sought-after locations for MBBS programs around the globe. Russia presents tons of premium MBBS institutions. The country promises quality education to help the students tailor a bright future. It is one of the well-known destinations for International students who desire to pursue MBBS. Over the last 25 years, Russia has successfully produced tons of efficient doctors. Its incredible education system presents a hub of opportunities for new doctors to collaborate with several hospitals. Each year, the country welcomes more than 200,000 International students from across 160 countries to pave a career in the medical field. Currently, Russia ranks 8th in the list of top study destinations. Most of the Russian Medical Universities are recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India) and other international bodies like UNESCO and WHO. Pursuing an MBBS degree in Russia can be extremely beneficial for the students to weave an excellent career in the medical fields. To lighten the students’ financial burden, the Russian Government has subsidized the MBBS education and tuition fees by up to 50% for International students.

About Russia 

Russia is a transcontinental country located in Asia and Eastern Europe. Russia is officially titled the Russia Federation, and it is the largest country in the world. The total population of Russia is 146.6 million. Moscow is the capital of the country, and it shares its land border with tons of countries like Poland, Finland, North Korea, China, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, and many more.

Why Choose Russia for MBBS?

Russia presents the perfect blend of quality education and efficiently designed academic mechanisms that produced the best doctors. Here are the reasons to choose the Russian education system for MBBS –

  • Russian MBBS institutes get worldwide recognition: Russia is the country of top-rated medical colleges. All the institutes are highly recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI), WHO (World Health Organisation), and UNESCO. The colleges are also approved by the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS).
  • The world-class quality of education: Russia possesses an incredible reputation for its excellent academic facilities. It is famous for presenting the students with a high-quality education at minimal costs. All the medical institutes in Russia comprise expert faculties who instill practical knowledge into the students, exploring various career opportunities. The Russian MBBS degree is recognized worldwide. The premium MBBS schools in Russia serve students with experience of more than 150 years. The Russian MBBS syllabus covers all the aspects necessary to train the students into efficient doctors.
  • Low charges to study MBBS: Studying MBBS abroad is always a financial challenge for International students. The education fees, accommodation, and food charges often turn down to burden the students. Studying MBBS in Russia is always a better option, rather than carrying loads of high donations and academic charges. Due to its low educational costs, Russia enjoys a constant flow of international students studying in top MBBS institutes. With the decrease in the value of Russian currency, it has turned out to be an excellent opportunity for foreign students to pursue MBBS in Russia. The accommodation costs in Russia have fallen down to almost half, which created a rush of students to the destination. Presently, Russia’s MBBS fee structure is one of the most cost-effective options for medical aspirants.
  • Convenient admission system: Applying for admission to the top universities in MBBS is straightforward and convenient. The students need to satisfy the eligibility criteria defined by the institutions. Furthermore, after the verification and documentation process, the medical universities allot the joining letter to the students.
  • Advanced Infrastructure and Education Facilities: Russian MBBS institutes present highly advanced technologies that enable better students’ facilities. All the universities provide modern infrastructure and efficiently trains the students with the best quality facilities and equipment.

Other Benefits of Studying MBBS in Russia 

  • Admission to Russian MBBS institutes does not require the entrance tests like TOEFL, IELTS.
  • International Canteen Facilities.
  • Russia avails excellent European standard of living.
  • The Russian Government approves all the Medical Institutions.
  • Russia guarantees a 100% education visa.
  • Presents MCI Coaching to help the students secure incredible results in MCI Screening Tests.

Top Russian Medical Institutes 

  • Volgograd State Medical University Russia
  • Saint Petersburg State Medical University
  • Belgorod State University
  • Bashkir State Medical University
  • Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University
  • Kazan Federal University
  • Orenburg State Medical Academy
  • Smolensk State Medical Academy

Eligibility for MBBS Admission in Russia 

  • The student must be at least 17 years old on the year of admission.
  • The applicant must have mandatorily scored a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in Class 12, with science stream (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) from ICSE/ISC or other equivalent board.
  • In order to apply for the MBBS program in the top universities in Russia, Indian students require to qualify for NEET.
  • The students need a nationality certificate for admission.

Admission Process in MBBS Russia

  • Step 1 – The MBBS aspirants must choose the best university in Russia.
  • Step 2 – All medical universities provide the application forms. The students must mandatorily fill up the forms and submit all the required documents.
  • Step 3 – The universities, under the Russian Education Board’s guidance, reviews the application form and the submitted documents. After they complete this procedure, it allows the students with an invitation letter.
  • Step 4 – The invitation letter depicts that the student satisfies the eligibility criteria.
  • Step 5 – The students must clear the college fees to ensure the preservation of their seats.
  • Step 6 – They must apply for the Russian Visa. Once the visa is issued, other details, including joining date and accommodation information, are accordingly supplied by the MBBS institute.

Documents Required for MBBS in Russia 

The documents necessary for admission to Russian MBBS institutes are as follows – 

  • The applicant needs their class 10th and 12th mark sheet.
  • They must have a Passport with a minimum validity of 18 months.
  • The applicants must provide a copy of the original Birth Certificate.
  • They require passport-sized photos for the admission process.
  • The students mandatorily need the invitation letter supplied by the university.
  • They must have a tuition fees receipt.
  • The students must be healthy and must have a health certificate.

Course Duration of MBBS in Russia

  • The tenure of the MBBS program in Russia varies with the education mechanism at various universities. There are three primary types of course durations ranging from 6.8 years to 7.8 years.
  • For full-time or bilingual universities, the MBBS course tenure is 7.8 years, which includes one year of learning the Russian language and one year of internships.
  • For the English medium MBBS schools, the duration is 6.8 years, which includes one year of internship.

Career Scopes after MBBS in Russia

  • After successfully gaining efficient medical knowledge through training sessions, the International students return back to their native countries. All the MBBS degree holders require to pass the MCI Screening, also named the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination, to get a practicing doctor’s authorization. The graduates can also continue their medical practices in Russia as the country presents tons of opportunities for medical professionals. They can conveniently practice as a Doctor. The opportunity is valid for 10 years, and the processing takes up to 10 days. The students can also apply for an extension in their residency permissions for 2 years to gain experience in medical fields and polish their skills to become medical specialists in several fields like Cardiology, Gynaecology, and many more.

Cost to Pursue MBBS in Russia 

  • The total cost to pursue MBBS in Russia varies with different universities and other facilities. However, Russia provides one of the cheapest fee structures for MBBS around the globe. The estimated cost for the MBBS course in Russia is around 193,000 to 874 000 Rubles per annum. For the Indian students, the MBBS program costs them around 1.8 lakhs to 8.5 lakhs per annum in Russia.
  • Summing up all, Russia is one of the best destinations for students to tailor a fruitful medical field career. The MBBS program in Russia helps them frame the ideal future to reach new heights to success.
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