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Entrance Exam Details For MBBS Abroad

Entrance Exam Details For MBBS Abroad

Entrance Exam Details For MBBS Abroad

Most people who want to pursue MBBS from abroad have this false notion that they don’t have to appear for any other examination than NEET, that too they don’t have to be best in. This is something that creates problems for some students as they can’t start their medical practice anywhere because of this. The reason behind the previous statement is the examination that is conducted when the medical graduate completes their MBBS degree from any foreign university. If we talk about India, if a student who has completed their MBBS degree from a university in another country they have to appear for the MCI’s (Medical Council Of India) FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination). This is an examination that is conducted by the National Board of Examinations in India and provides a license to the MBBS Degree holders to practice as Doctors in the country. The examination checks if they are fit for serving the people of the country and are aware of everything in their profession. This can be seen as a certification that the Govt. provides to them.

Why There Is No Entrance Exam At The Time Of Admission?

Most people have asked that why the universities outside India don’t take any other entrance examination that tests the knowledge of the students. The simple reason is that they check the NEET scores and ask for at least 50% scores in your core subjects that are Physics, Biology, Chemistry. You need to make sure that you have the basic knowledge and an appetite to learn more. Most universities understand that it is the enthusiasm that matters. It is not the academics that make a student a great doctor, it is just their will to help other people to stay healthy and find new cures.

There are no entrance tests for medical colleges but universities in UK and USA might ask you to appear for TOEFL, this is because that is a test for the English language. Everything in those countries happens in English and that is why they just want to make sure that you are comfortable with the language and are will be able to cope up with the difficult phrases and statements presented to you during your stay. This applies only to students and not to people who will go there to work or to people who go on vacation.

Is It Mandatory To Appear For MCI’s FMGE?

Yes, every medical graduate who comes to India to practice needs to appear for the MCI screening test. It is important so that you get the certificate that allows you to practice your profession in India. This is a matter of trust and without it, no doctor can practice in India. One important point to note is that it is only for the students who have studied abroad. Indian students completing their medical education in the country don’t have to appear for any such examination and can right away start with their medical practices. It is not about internships or anything but proper practice can only be done after the medical professional has cleared the MCI screening.


We can conclude this topic by saying that if you are planning to go abroad for medical education, especially MBBS, or if you are about to graduate, just make sure that you are aware of this examination so that this is not a shocker when you are going to appear for it. Prepare for it well and get the certificate and start with your professional journey in your own country, The examination is to tell your worth and is not designed to make you feel any less.

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