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Can I do MBBS abroad without NEET in 2022?

Can I do MBBS abroad without NEET in 2022?

Can I do MBBS abroad without NEET in 2022?

Is it mandatory for a student to appear in NEET? No, you can do fine without appearing for NEET, but you won’t get any good medical university in India or anywhere else. There are chances that you won’t get admission to any Medical University if you are eyeing the MBBS course. Now, it is enough for you to just appear for NEET if you are planning to study MBBS abroad? No, you have to score enough as well. You need to have a decent score if not excellent to secure a seat in any good medical institution outside India.

Students have believed a false notion that you can get admission in an MBBS course outside India just by clearing your class 12 with a 50% avg and having Physics, Chemistry and Biology as your core subject, The truth is far from close in this statement. All universities have their own set of rules and have defined basic eligibility criteria for the students who want to take admission in the MBBS course. NEET examination and its qualification certificate are common in all of them. They don’t take any entrance examination of their own and this is their way of checking if the students that they are taking will be able to understand what will be taught or not.

Why NEET is Mandatory?

NEET is the common eligibility criteria for almost all the universities that you would want to go into outside India. Why?

The answer is easy, this exam checks the student’s basic knowledge about the domain they want to enter in. This exam has a big part where the questions are just from biology. Also, this is one of the toughest exams in the world for medical entrance and that is why it is respected and trusted by all the countries that accept it as a mode of entrance exam.

It is really tough to score in NEET examinations but if you have got an average score and don’t want to reappear or if you want to start your graduation this year. You can just go to a medical university abroad. There are so many colleges that have everything that you might need and the fee is not too high. This is the reason why most people these days prefer going outside instead of going another year for preparations and maybe getting the same results. Because of Covid, the competition has increased but the seats per year are still the same.

With things slowly opening up again, you can start searching for universities in Russia, Ukraine and more countries. You can find all the details on the university websites. Also, if you need any extra information then you can get in touch with us or drop an email to the university.

NEET Without MBBS?

This was made possible in 2021 because the NEET could not be organized and that affected the admission and left students on the verge of dropping a year without any mistake of their own. This is why there were some universities that allowed the students to fill the admission form and apply on the basis of their class 12th result. This is possible that there will still be some medical colleges that can allow students to apply without NEET. You just need to keep a track of the notifications from the universities.


Skipping NEET just because you want to get admission to a university outside India will not be a smart choice even if a lot of universities outside India allow admission without it. You should prepare with all your might and get the best possible score. This will not just help you get admission to the best of the universities but will let you understand the basics before you start your graduation.

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