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Jilin University also known as JLU is a prominent National University located in China which comes under the direct jurisdiction of China’s Ministry of Education. It is situated in the capital city of Jilin province, Changchun. Jilin University comes under the top ten MBBS universities in China. JLU has a total of eight campuses in five districts.

 Why Jilin University the best for MBBS?

  • Jilin University comes under the top ten MBBS Universities in China.
  • Jilin University is recognized by MCI and WHO.
  • Students of India can do their internships in India after completing their 5 years MBBS program at Jilin University.
  • The cost of living is lower in Northeast China where this University is situated.
  • Students of Jilin University have an average score of 70% in the screening tests of FMGE and MCI.
  • Jilin Medical University has a beautiful infrastructure and it provides opportunities for various scholarships and internships.
  • Complete education is provided in English medium, so there is no need to learn any other language.

Disciplines at Jilin University

These campuses comprise thirty-nine colleges offering disciplines including law, literature, education, history, philosophy, economics, science, agriculture, management, medicine, and engineering. Jilin University possesses sixteen disciplinary areas, eight national bases of basic science for the development, and five national key laboratories. Various other resources include five research bases for social sciences and humanities, Ministry of Education sponsored seven key laboratories and other eleven laboratories under the sponsorship of other ministries of the Chinese Government.

MBBS Course Duration

The Mbbs course duration at Jilin University is of six years including one year of Internship.

Degree Programs and Faculty at Jilin University

JLU offers many distinct degree programs and consists of a total of 115 undergraduate programs right now, including 192 programs in master’s degree, 105 doctoral programs, and seventeen programs for the post-doctoral degree. In the year 2003, nearly 59,000 students did enrollment as full-time students among which 10,000 are graduate students.

Currently, there are 5700 members of the faculty along with fourteen members of the Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1270 full-time professors, and 1652 associate professors. Such a vast and dedicated education community guarantees excellence in research and teaching.

University Ranking:

The ranking of Jilin University is:

  • Country Rank: 30.
  • World Rank: 439.

Documents Required for the MBBS admission at Jilin Medical University are:

  • HSC Certificate.
  • SSC Certificate.
  • NEET Exam Result.
  • Passport photocopy.
  • Police Character Certificate.
  • Medical Fitness Certificate.
  • Invitation letter from the University.

Facilities at Jilin University

Jilin University is playing a major role in the economic, educational, and cultural lives of people in the Northeast region of China. From the beginning of the 21st century, the aim of the University has always been to become one of the leading institutions for providing higher education in China and around the world.

The facilities provided at Jilin University includes a fast gigabit computer network. It has an optical fiber network that connects all the campuses together along with over 20,000 computers that are connected with the network. Faculties and students can easily access the internet or intranet anywhere inside the campus including classrooms, dormitories, or even at home, and can enjoy online education and office automation. Additionally, there are more than fifty multimedia language learning classrooms with audiovisual facilities and multimedia classrooms, among which ten classrooms are reserved for foreign students.

Infrastructure at Jilin University

Jilin University has an enormous infrastructure with special attention has been paid to the construction of twenty basic science laboratories. The University library is said to have a collection of nearly 5.26 million books and has been regarded as the library of UNESCO, World Bank, and UNIDO. JLU is also a Comprehensive Education Center of Liberal Arts for the Education Ministry. It is the only Foreign Scientific Text Book Center in Northeast China and an Import Center for the National Humanities and Social Science Higher Education Books. JLU is one of the seven centers for the China Academic Library and Information System(CALIS) Center located in Northeast China.

All campuses of JLU consist of gymnasiums, arenas for basketball, table tennis, volleyball, stadium, and artistic gymnastics. The Nangling Campus Stadium at JLU has a capacity of seating 10,000 persons and has a grass soccer field surrounded by synthetic standard racetracks. There are synthetic floored courts for tennis that are well-lit and equipped.

International Cooperation at Jilin University

Jilin University has made several worldwide exchanges and ties for cooperation with more than 130 colleges, research institutes, and universities in nearly 40 countries and districts. The faculty members at the University have made visits around the world thousands of times and more than 500 foreign experts have already been invited to attend national and international conferences, provide lectures and perform research jointly on its campuses. Currently, there are 1200 international students enrolled at Jilin University.

Faculties at Jilin Medical University

  • Clinical Medicine.
  • Veterinary Science.
  • Public Health.

Student Life at Jilin University

Students live a very pleasant life at Jilin University. Their rooms are furnished with nice furniture and consist of TV Sets, telephone, and network terminals. There is the availability of reading rooms, cafes, and fitness rooms in the building. Every year University hosts many events related to academics and culture which include forums, speech competitions, seminars, and cultural performances. There are nearly 150 groups and organizations of students that make the campus life full of enthusiasm.

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