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Jiangsu medical University

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MBBS Course Comes to Effective Under Jiangsu Medical University

Undoubtedly, it is good to know that 0course in China is a hundred percent fruitful. It will be more fruitful when the course comes to the best medical university like Jiangsu medical university. The university’s management provides incredible facilities for the students, especially international students.
If you decide to take an Mbbs course from China, you need to know everything regarding the course like course fees, duration, course, eligibility, and many more before admission. No, do not skip the page as today you will get complete information about the Mbbs course at Jiangsu medical University through this article.

Brief About Jiangsuy Medical University

  • Jiangsu University was established in 1920 in the country, China. It is a combination of a form of three famous colleges named by Jiangsu University of scienc& technology, Zhenjiang Teachers’ College, and Zhenjiang medical college under the ministry of the Chinese ministry of education. Jiangsu medical University invites global talents for mutual benefits and promotes research cooperation internationally. This university is in the formation of more than 87 universities in 30 international countries. The university has been for the Mbbs course.

What are the eligibility criteria for admission to Jiangsu Medical University?

To get admission to the Mbbs course at Jiangsu University, the candidate must have eligibility criteria that the management of the university needs. Take a look at below.

  • The candidate should be a non-Chinese citizen.
  • For Bachelor Program, the candidate must have a high school passed with 70 percent marks and age not more than 17 years.
  • For a Master’s degree program, the candidate must be a bachelor’s degree holder and age not more than 35 years of age.
  • For a Doctor degree, the applicant must have a Master’s degree with age, not more than 40 years.
  • The candidate must have a competitive academic record.
  • Scientific research is also mandatory for a student who seeks Mbbs.

Fee Structure of Mbbs in Jiangsu medial University

Fees1st Year2nd year of 5th year
Tuition Fees

34,000 RMB

3,57,000 INR

34,000 RMB

3,57,000 INR

Accommodation Fee

4,900 RMB

51,450 INR

4,900 RMB

51,450 INR

Visa Extension & Insurance

1000 RMB

10500 INR

1000 RMB

10500 INR

Application Fee

400 RMB

4,200 INR

Registration Fee

200 RMB

2,100 INR

Dormitory Deposit

500 RMB

5,250 INR

Physical Examination

400 RMB

4, 200 INR


2000 RMB

21,000 INR

Yearly Total

43,400 RMB

4,55,700 INR

39,900 RMB

4,18,950 INR

Grand Total

2,03,000 RMB

21,31,500 INR

Admission Process in Jiangsu medical University for Mbbs Course

  • Submit the filing application form
  • The university’s management will send an offer letter when it ends the process of scrutinizing the students’ documents for the Mbbs course.
  • The candidate needs to deposit 6400 RMB to the university’s account seven days from the date of the offer letter.
  • After receiving the fee, the university’s management will roll JW202 and an admission letter for the students of the Mbbs course.
  • The candidate will go for submission of Passport, Visa, Medical Check-Up certificate.

The benefit of Students at Jiangsu medical University:

  1. Beyond a doubt, life is at Jiangsu medical university is very comfortable for the students, especially international students. The university’s dormitory rooms are furnished with a TV, Refrigerator, Wifi. Even the students will have facilities getting reading rooms, cyber-cafes, and fitness rooms in the hostels’ premises. Moreover, the students of Mbbs of Jiangsu medical University will get in touch with cultural programs along with seminars, different competitions.
    For every room goes for two persons. The rooms are furnished with two wardrobes, two beds, and study tables. Even in the room, Mbbs students will get the advantage of a heating system, 27×7 water supply, and air conditioning.
    The Jiangsu medical university management provides sufficient staff to keep the rooms clean. There must be a library from where students of Mbbs will get their required reference books at any time
    in the university.
    There is a football ground on the campus of Jiangsu medical university for perfect entertainment. The students will have a facility to play Tennis Ball and Basket Ball on the football ground.
  2. Jiangsu medical University gets approval from the World Health Organisation and the medical council of India. Even the Mbbs course in Jiangsu Medical University is recognized by all glove medical councils.
  3. The Mbbs course from Jiangsu medical University comes under the instruction done by the language English that is easier for international and Indian students.
  4. The university faculties are well qualified with full subject knowledge. Most of the teachers are qualified with Ph.D. It is good to know that all faculties are very cooperative with the Mbbs students.
  5. Faculties of the Jiangsu medical university are highly qualified with knowledge of the subjects they offer. Generally, all the faculties of the University are Ph.D. qualified. They are very cooperative with the Indian students who come for the education of Mbbs.

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