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Tackling the Tashkent Medical Academy Scam A Comprehensive Guide for Students

Tackling the Tashkent Medical Academy Scam: A Comprehensive Guide for Students

Tackling the Tashkent Medical Academy Scam: A Comprehensive Guide for Students

In recent times, Tashkent Medical Academy has become a topic of concern due to various issues faced by students studying there. Non-payment of tuition fees, hostel fees, mess fees, and visa extension charges has led to severe consequences, with some students being expelled from the hostel. In addition, fraudulent agents have been exploiting unsuspecting students, leading to distress and confusion. In this blog, we aim to shed light on the ongoing scam and provide solutions to safeguard students from falling victim to such deceitful practices.

Recognizing the Scam

One of the primary issues contributing to the Tashkent Medical Academy scam is the involvement of unregistered agents and untrustworthy YouTubers. Students are urged to be cautious and not trust individuals without a proper office or track record. These fraudulent agents lure students with false promises and end up causing significant financial and emotional distress.

Secure Payment Methods

To avoid falling prey to the scam, it is crucial to make payments only through official and authorized channels. Always submit tuition fees, hostel fees, and other payments directly to the college account provided by Tashkent Medical Academy. This will ensure transparency and accountability, reducing the risk of financial exploitation.

Here are the details for making payments to Tashkent Medical Academy:

– Name of Beneficiary Organization: Tashkent Medical Academy
– Account Number: 200 84 59 84
– Address of the Academy: 2 Faroby Street, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 100109
– Name of the Bank: “Central Bank” of the Republic of Uzbekistan
– Bank SWIFT Code: CBUZUZ22
– IBAN (International Bank Account Number) Code: 2340 2840 9001 0000 1011

Verification of Bank Account Details

To ensure the authenticity of the provided bank account details, students are encouraged to verify them by reaching out to Tashkent Medical Academy directly. For confirmation, students can email the academy at This simple step can prevent potential financial scams and give students peace of mind when making payments.

Trustworthy Consultants

Choosing a reliable and experienced educational consultant is vital for students aspiring to study abroad. Always sign an agreement with the consultant that clearly outlines the services they will provide. Transparent communication and a strong client-consultant relationship will help prevent misunderstandings and ensure a smoother application process.

Importance of Depositing Fees in College Account

Educational institutions often have a designated college account for students to make payments. Students are strongly advised to deposit their tuition fees and other charges directly into this college account to avoid any misappropriation of funds. This practice enhances transparency and safeguards students from potential financial losses.

Seek Help from Trustworthy Sources

Students and parents should never hesitate to seek help and guidance from trustworthy sources. Established and reputable educational consultancy firms, like Softamo, can provide valuable assistance and support throughout the admission process and beyond.


The Tashkent Medical Academy scam is a concerning issue affecting students and parents seeking quality education abroad. By following the suggested solutions and guidelines provided in this blog, students can protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent agents and unregistered consultants. Ensuring secure payment methods, verifying bank account details, and seeking help from reliable sources will lead to a safer and more rewarding study experience at Tashkent Medical Academy. Together, we can tackle this scam and create a brighter future for aspiring medical students.

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