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Reasons to Choose Greece for Study

Reasons to Choose Greece for Study

You will be able to enjoy the small things which life offers once you land in the “Land of the Gods”. The Greeks are extremely relaxed, have a cup of coffee and sit with your friends. The Greeks don’t care more than happiness, and you will soon understand this behaviour.

To come to Greece means not just to study, but also to gain new experiences and make new friends. Take every chance, then. While Athens and Thessaloniki are the main student cities in Greece, every corner of the country offers extraordinary attractions. Greece will gladly surprise you whether it is cultural sites or places to relax.

System of Higher Education

  • Higher education in Greece consists of two fields: higher education, which includes universities and technology, which also consists of the Technological Educational Institute (TEI). University-level training is offered by 24 universities and 16 technical education institutions, all of which are recognised by the Greek state.
  • All of the officially recognised universities in Greece are public. The duration of the Bachelor’s programmes in most fields is four years. Engineering, dentistry, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, forestry and some arts programmes in five years. Medicine is the only discipline that lasts six years.

Greek Tuition Fees

  • EU/EEA students — Students from EU/EEA are exempt from tuition fees in public schools and colleges in Greece. Students of the EU/EEA can request free textbooks.

Non-European Students

  • You must pay a small fee to cover your studies in public universities and colleges if you are not an EU student. We suggest that you contact the institution you want and find out about the right fees since the tuition fee varies from course to course. Students from outside the European Union typically pay an average tuition fee of 1 1,500, including schoolbooks.

Visit the Beautiful Sites of the World Heritage and Enjoy the Beach

  • Greece is a great tourist destination, and it has a lot for tourists: the Mediterranean climate, wonderful historical sites, lovely beaches and islands, vibrant nightlife, delicious food – it’s all inexpensive.
  • You’re just a metre apart from beautiful landmarks like the Olympian Zeus Temple, the Parthenon, the Acropolis, Mount Olympus as you study in Athens. The Byzantine city walls, Castle Heptapyrgion, White Tower and more are visible in Thessaloniki.
  • Check out some of Greece’s most popular coastal towns like Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Crete or Corfu.

Greek Food and Drink Rendering it Worthless for Your Palate

  • It is pointless not to try local flavours if you go abroad. Tzatziki, feta, olive, gyros, tsipouro, Metaxa, Retsina and Ouzo are common Greek specialities. Greeks normally live a lifetime, thanks in part to their diet. Try it! Try it! The food is delicious, not just good!

The Past in Everything

  • If you refer to Greek mythology, Greece has all. Greece has it all. An example of the meeting of ancient and current culture today in Athens, the capital of Greece. The avenues of Athens cannot be walked without recollection of the unbelievable past of those streets.
  • When it disappears, you will see with your chin the cherished Acropolis, which since its foundation in 432 BCE has been the house of Parthenon. Athens is just the remnant of the historic iceberg of Greece!

Greek loyalty and lodging appreciate.

  • Greeks admire friendship and are among the greatest mates in the world. You will be welcomed as a friend when you go to the same restaurant or meal. It is almost difficult to locate traumatic waiters or families. Free shots or cake consumers normally have. Try to take this ray, for it’s so adorable!

Enjoy warm weather all year round

  • Greece has a hot climate due to its geographical location. It doesn’t rain for two or three months during the summer, especially in the south, and snow rarely falls in the winter, and temperatures are usually above zero.
  • This is definitely an unbeatable advantage, as you can complete your study time with social and cultural activities at any time. So, nothing can stop you from visiting beautiful places in Greece.


  • Foreign academics will see that Greece is a fascinating place to research, owing to its varied geographies, a long archaeological history, multicultural culture and a thriving economy.
  • People who want to start their own business or are searching for a large job in a multinational corporation in fields closely related to the region’s culture, such as transport, tourism or technological innovations in other regions. It will profit from an extended period, arising in the background of a movement like IT.
  • These all are Reasons to Choose Greece for Study.
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