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Possibilities of MBBS in 2021

Possibilities of MBBS in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has hit all of us very hard since last year. Everything has suddenly come to a halt, none of the fields is untouched by it including the education sector. However, it can be observed that the year 2021 is opening more opportunities for the candidates.

Specifically, if we talk about medical aspirants, they are given exemption from the qualifying NEET exam of 2020 to take admission in a foreign medical university, but they have to qualify for the NEET in 2021. So, the candidates have one more chance to qualify and get their desired college.

Also, along with the reattempt, students have the advantage of saving one year. It is because students can take admission abroad in their preferred foreign medical college of MBBS and simultaneously reattempt the NEET exam. If they qualify for the exam with satisfactory marks then they will be able to secure a seat in Indian medical colleges otherwise they can continue their study for MBBS abroad.

Additionally, Medical Universities offering MBBS degrees abroad have also provided students the option of paying fees in installments. This step has helped in lessening the burden of paying fees on time from both students and their parents. Some Universities have even decreased their first year’s fees to up to 50% as their priority is the welfare of students. Universities are also offering various scholarships to top students and many colleges are ready to take fees in installments without considering the year of the student in which he/she is studying.

Just like the NEET exam got delayed in India, which tells the eligibility of a medical candidate to take admission abroad, the admission process in the foreign medical universities has also postponed and the session will start after a delay for Indian students. In some foreign medical colleges, the admission process will go on until they plan to start the session after March 202, so that none of the candidates shall miss the chance to study MBBS abroad. Also, medical aspirants who secured high marks in NEET but not got their preferred seat in India are too looking towards their future abroad. Some clever students already took admission in foreign medical colleges and then after counseling, if they got their choice of seat then they will take admission in India otherwise continue their study in MBBS from abroad, thus saving a whole year.

To encourage more candidates to take admission in MBBS in India, some medical colleges in India have provided the option of filling the bonds. Haryana has increased its fee from Rs 4 lakh to Rs 10 Lakh for making advancements in medical education. The students have the alternative of paying this amount through a loan whose installments will be repaid by the government. The bond clause is that the student after completing MBBS should have to work for the public health centers in different areas. If the person under any circumstances quits the service then the repayment of the bond will have to bear by the person himself/herself.

This new normal has changed something everywhere but has also offered some advantages as the students are getting one more chance for NEET. Also, it has not much affected the fee structure of medical colleges abroad. An MBBS degree abroad is affordable and expensive as well. It depends on a student’s merit and the choice of the country. Sometimes, students earn scholarships through their merit and are able to complete their studies from expensive medical colleges or universities.

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