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MBBS Program in English Language ( General Medicine)

I. Early Booking

  • University Application Fees & Documentations (Registration)

In order to receive the Acceptance Letter/ Offer Letter from the desired university, the student has to register at Softamo along with the submission of his scanned copy of documents.

  • Counseling & Guidance to select the University

Under this process, Softamo counsels and guides the student in reference to the country, university, and course.

  • Payment INR: 10,000/-

II. Offer Letter

  • Providing Confirmed Admission Offer letter from your selected University

As a token of acceptance, University issues a confirmed Admission Offer Letter in the name of the student with all the terms and conditions.

  • Arranging Invitation Letter From Ministry of Education

Once a confirmed admission offer letter is issued, University requests the Ministry of Education to issue an Invitation Letter in the name of the student along with his/her details. The purpose of this invitation letter is to apply for a visa.

  • Payment INR: 50,000/- (Second Installment)

III. Legal Process & Documentation For Visa.

  • Visa Application to Consulate in India

Once an Invitation letter is issued by the Ministry of Education, Softamo is now required to file his/her application for a visa.

  • Translation, Attestation

Softamo translates all the legal documents required for the visa along with their attestation from the gazetted authorities.

  • MOE Stamping and Notary Legal process for students under 18 years (Minor)

In some special cases, where the student is a minor (under 18 years of age), it is required to attach some of the additional documents.

  • NEXT/ MCI Screening A/V Preparation material (For entire MBBS course) (Free) Books and other accessories

Softamo maintains a discipline of persistent hard work that needs to be done by the student. In order to push the student limits, Softamo provides all the coaching materials required for preparing for NEXT/ MCI Screening and International Licensing exams.

  • Hotel stay in Delhi (If required)

The student is pre-informed in reference to his travel arrangements. Also, he is advised to arrive a day before his departure date.

  • Payment: INR: 58,000/- (Third/ Final Installment)

IV. Total Cost Summary

  • INR: 1,00,000 + 18% GST = INR: 1,18,000/-

Note: Flight Charges Extra.

Kindly use the same Mobile number and Email Id used at the time of registration.
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