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NEET Failure Story

Getting selected for a medical college may have, at some point, been important for you, but all is not lost if you have failed to do so.

When I chose PCB after my tenth, I was oblivious to the vast number of courses that are available. Medical was all I had heard of. I had heard only the parents of children pursuing these fields boast about them and swell up in pride while doing so. That was all that mattered. Our parents had paid for our education, it was the time they got a profit from that investment.

I was also pretty good at academics, as are many. So, expectations were high for me. I was supposed to be the role model of the family name.

So, I followed where the flow was going.  I took the test for qualifying into coaching institutes that would then coach me for getting into a medical college. I got selected for Allen. I enrolled myself in a school where attendance wasn’t necessary for senior secondary and left home for the first time.

I prepared my best. I realized during my preparation that I was a mediocre student. But you see, I had to make my parent’s dream shine. There must have been something I wasn’t doing correctly. Why else would I be different from the toppers?

I kept stressing myself over it. I eventually developed an inferiority complex because no matter what I would do, my marks wouldn’t increase. However, I was optimistic enough and so I took my chances for entrances for the first time.

I still remember that morning. After the exam, I realized I won’t be able to qualify. I just got panicked.

I texted my dad, “I am sorry, I think I won’t make it.” I cried.

I failed to clear NEET in my first attempt.

I was depressed and in pieces. That was a hard slap of reality.

In all honesty, that was the time to sit back and analyze what had gone wrong. Was it my slack attitude? Or if the course simply wasn’t for me? But I was in denial. I had to prove myself.

So, I prepared for it again.

I failed and then failed a third time again at NEET. I qualified in all the attempts but couldn’t secure a seat.

It was then I realized that I had to stop. Something was going wrong. I had wasted three essential years of my life and has nothing to show for it. I had to sit down and retrospect. And although it hurt, I realized medical wasn’t the field for me.

This is the hardest part. Coming to terms with reality, facing your own self. But this is the most important one too. I realized I couldn’t memorize things. I was doing wonders in physics and physical chemistry. But my biology and inorganic & organic chemistry was an absolute blunder.

So, I chose a field more suited to my skills- Bachelor’s in Science.

I had to be honest here; my parents aren’t that boastful of my achievements. I’m still recovering from the effect of all those failures. There are nights when I still wonder whether I did something wrong.

We all know about today. You have all the information you need at your fingertips. Realize what you are good at, and research about it. Get all the information you can, and then pursue it relentlessly. Maybe those nagging relatives won’t agree with your choice. But they don’t have to.

The Internet brought a massive change thereafter in my life.

It eventually gave me a perspective and a chance to shine back again.


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