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Kazan Federal University Scam by Consultants | MBBS in Russia 2023

Kazan Federal University Scam by Consultants: Unraveling the Truth

In recent times, the pursuit of quality education has driven students across the globe to explore foreign study opportunities. However, with this increasing demand, unscrupulous agents and fraudulent practices have emerged, targeting innocent students. This blog aims to shed light on the alleged Kazan Federal University scam and provide students with essential insights to avoid falling victim to deceitful practices.

Who are we?

We, at Unique Education, take pride in being the authorized representative of Kazan Federal University in India. Our goal is to offer students a genuine and reliable path to pursue their dreams of studying abroad. You can verify our credibility by searching for “Kazan Federal University Unique Education” on Google or visiting our official website. As a subsidiary of Unique Education, Softamo shares our commitment to ensuring a transparent and trustworthy educational journey.

The Purpose of this Video

The emergence of misleading consultants has raised serious concerns among aspiring students. Daily fake interviews, paper leaks (which we are unaware of how they occur), and false promises of offline exams in Kazan by traveling on a tourist visa are deceptive tactics employed by these dishonest agents. Shockingly, over 800 students wrote online exams for only 60-80 foreign quota seats, leading to undeniable evidence of foul play.

The aftermath of such unethical practices is deeply troubling. Only official representatives should be entrusted with the responsibility of enrolling students to avoid such fraudulent incidents. Unfortunately, the fallout from this scam results in some consultants refusing to return important documents or service charges, leaving students stranded and disillusioned.

The Solution

In response to this alarming situation, we advocate for students to exercise their critical thinking skills and common sense while choosing an education consultant. Here are some actionable steps to protect yourself from falling prey to fraudulent practices:

1. Use Your Brain and Common Sense: Remember, the process of studying abroad is not simple and requires genuine efforts. If something appears too good to be true, it probably is. Scrutinize any promises or offers that seem unrealistic.

2. Prefer Genuine Consultants: Always opt for well-established and reputed education consultants with a proven track record of guiding students honestly through their study abroad journey. Check their credentials, client testimonials, and affiliations before making any commitments.

3. Ask Real Questions: During your interactions with consultants, ask pertinent and detailed questions about the application process, visa requirements, university accreditation, and any hidden costs. Genuine consultants will be transparent and upfront with you.

4. Avoid Following Marketing Trends: Do not be swayed solely by flashy marketing campaigns or popularity contests. Do your own research and make informed decisions based on the authenticity of the services offered.

5. Follow NMC Guidelines: The National Medical Commission (NMC) provides essential guidelines for medical students seeking to study abroad. Adhering to these guidelines ensures you choose a legitimate and recognized institution for your medical education.


The alleged Kazan Federal University scam highlights the importance of exercising caution and diligence when choosing education consultants. As students, you hold the key to safeguarding your future and aspirations. By arming yourselves with the right knowledge and taking precautionary measures, you can avoid becoming victims of deceitful practices. Remember, the pursuit of education should be an enriching and fulfilling experience, free from the clutches of fraud and deception. Choose wisely, and let your dreams soar!

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