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How to Choose University and Country for MBBS

How to Choose University and Country for MBBS

How to Choose University and Country for MBBS: MBBS in abroad is so popular in India because the drastic difference between the total seats and NEET exam attending students is so vast. last year for 60 thousand Seats there are 12 lakh students appeared for the NEET exam. So the no. Is so vast and it is not possible to get admission easily. So many students choose abroad over India. However, education and facilities abroad are better than India so parents and students go abroad to universities.But while choosing the perfect location and university or college, the educational consultants make so hard situations for parents and students. Because a lot of agents and educational consultants confuse students by not giving true and authentic information. Sometimes this confusion got the wrong path and students choose the wrong university and country and regret. Hence it is very crucial and important to Indian students that how to choose university and country for MBBS.

According to our experience in MBBS study abroad consultancy, we believe that there is some point, factors should be checked by the student and then according to their wish, they will choose the country and university. The good choice is to be proven when you make the best or select the best choice.

Only pursuing a degree isn’t matter! Five or six years in different countries without our parents and another culture, different peoples, lifestyle isn’t easy to make a wise choice. By keeping our points in mind, you can actually be sure that your decision is 80% correct.

How to choose university and country for MBBS

Age of University

It is the most important factor while choosing the university. The older the university, the better the education and infrastructure of the university. The reputation of the older university at his peak. At least 90 yrs old university must be chosen.


Many people check ranking while deciding the university and it’s a wise thing. You can evaluate the universities by their rankings. You should check the World Ranking and Country Ranking of a particular university. While choosing the ranking of your university it’s going important than the rest of your CV while going for interviews for jobs. And it also matters in the reputation of the university.


This is the most important criteria that you must look for when taking admission in the university.

The university must be recognized by

  1. MCI: medical council of India. It is useful when you came to India for practice. As 70 percent of students come back to India after completing their degree and practice in India. So you required to be in an MCI recognized university that helps you when practicing in India.
  2. UNESCO accredited university: there are some unaccredited universities, colleges, institutions. They are Not legal or without permission. when you get admitted to the university, academic degrees or qualifications are not accepted by civil services and other employes, according to university must be accredited while choosing the right university.

Quality of Education

so we are going abroad for better education, then we must follow this point when choosing a university. Check the No. Of batches of Indian students studying MBBS in that university at present. And also check the MCI test passing percentage or ratio.

The Medium of Instructions

This is yet another point that is the most important one that you study should be understood when it is in your language of comfort. There are many countries that have bilingual studies In their universities, In some countries, first, three years of the course language is English and then rest course in the local language. So, you must choose the university where the total course is in the English language. This factor is important because the language is the next source of getting knowledge.and concepts get easier when it is taught in English. So you must take this point.

Duration of MBBS Course in Different Countries

many countries have their own laws about the duration of the MBBS course. Duration of course is not a university thing. So you must choose the duration in your comfort zone or your acceptance. Many countries have 6 years of the complete course. 5 years of the degree course and 1-year internship, that is compulsory So a total of six years. And some countries have only 5 years of the complete course. So the choice is yours and according to what’s your perspective.

Availability of Indian Mess

This may not be a very important aspect to consider for many aspiring Indian students. But it makes a huge difference in the overall well being. The type of food an individual is habitual of used to keeps him wealthy, fit, and more can stay away from his usual taste for a week or two but not staying away from it for the tenure of five to six years is nearly impossible. Therefore Indian students should select a country where Indian food is available and preparing food own is not quite good for time management. Select a university with Indian mess and focus the remaining valuable time for preparing for the MCI exam.

University with the Highest MCI and FMGE Test Passing Ratio

The university you choose must have a high MCI and FMGE test passing ratio. It shows the education quality of the university. It should also ha e a high success ratio of various medical examinations such as USMLE, PLAB, etc. This ensures the quality of medical education provided in that institute.

Expenses and Budget

By far, this is the most common criteria. There are institutes in some countries which offer complete course expenses as low as 12 to 13 lakh whereas few institutes in the same country would are good but surely some give better facilities and thus ask for more money. And all about expenses, are dependent on the lifestyle of the student. The majority of the foreign countries who are offering MBBS in abroad are from Europe, where the cost of living is low. As we talk about Russia the monthly average living expenses are somewhere between 100 to 150 USD$ ( Indian ruppe1 USD$= 69.31INR) including all overhead expenses.

Indian student Ratio

You have to choose a country where a high ratio of Indian students. And with high facilities for international students. Countries like Canada there are 16% of students from international are coming from India. There are many countries where a high ratio of Indian students, according to No. You have to choose from. We should get introduced by the immigration policies of different country wise government. Check out the different policies and select that you fit for.

ECFMG approval

Educational commission of foreign medical graduates. You should check that the university is in the ECFMG approved list. ECFMG verifies every international medical graduate’s final medical diploma with the appropriate officials of the medical school that issued the diploma or degree. This is very important for international students who are coming for a medical degree. So note this point and apply it when choosing the university. You should check the ECFMG university list on WORLD DIRECTORY OF MEDICAL SCHOOL official website.

So, this is how you can choose the best university for yourself to study MBBS abroad.

Please know that going to MBBS abroad is a decision that you make to fulfill your desire to become a successful doctor. But this also means that you have to study hard and work hard.

Apart from that if you are willing to come back to India and practice medicine in India itself, then always look for the country or the universities, where the consultants who are giving you MCI (NEXT) coaching classes. Because there is no point in gaining a degree when you cannot clear the MCI exam.

The right decision and hard work will surely get you a long way!

Best of Luck for your Future!
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