Why Is Ukraine Famous For MBBS?

Why is Ukraine Famous for MBBS?

Ukraine is one the most preferred international destinations for Indian students studying MBBS. It enhances medical education on par with the global standards. Several world-class government medical universities in this country offer MBBS and MD at a very affordable cost.…

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How To Study MBBS Abroad

How to Study MBBS Abroad

Every year, hundreds of Indian Medical students face the high concern of having admission in a great health center for higher studies. Few students manipulate to clean the entrance checks for government universities while others maintain looking for alternatives in…

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What Is The KROK Examination?

What is the KROK Examination?

KROK is a compulsory examination for all medical students who are studying MBBS in Ukraine. This is conducted to test the skills of the doctors and pharmacists who are about to graduate from different medical universities in the examination. This…

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